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Odo (Aw/ dûh) in the Yoruba language means youth, and in most African communities the youth are revered as equally as the elders.                          


Odo Achievement Center focuses on promotion of teen development from the demeanor of children to the cultivation of responsible young adults. Odo is an organization for teens where they will have access to educational programming offered outside of the school setting.


For teens that are not enrolled in high school, Odo sessions provide an opportunity for them to interact with their peer group. The Overarching goal for this population is re-enrollment back into the school system, completion of an alternative program or entrance into the workforce. Odo generates an environment where teens feel comfortable to be themselves.


Our mission is to aid in children of color development with acquiring skills that will enable them to become functional and influential members of society. These skills will be developed through education & training, participation in life skills activities and community service.


Meet our team helping to build a place for teens


Diane Price Banks, PhD, MPH

Board Chair, Fundraising Committee Member

Dr. Price Banks is Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences at Bronx Community College in NYC, where she also serves as Program Director for the Medical Laboratory Technician Program. She has been a board member since its inception and board chair since 2014. She currently serves on the finance committee and focuses on procuring funds for Odo operations.

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Lillian Brewer


Ms. Brewer brings a wealth of expertise as Odo’s Treasurer with a diverse background as an account executive specializing in small business funding for a local Newark CPA firm. This role is coupled with her current experience as a tax expert for a leading public finance company and as an account executive at Lb Tax Accounting. Her multifaceted skills in financial management and tax advisory services has prepared Lillian to drive progress toward the organization's mission.



Latasia White

Social Media & Marketing Chair

Miss White graduated from Irvington High School in 2020. She attends Clinton College, majoring in Biology and is the Student Government Association President. Her career goals consists of owning multiple businesses, including a scientific research lab, crafts and baking businesses.



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